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For all your New Resident needs, contact James Bailey or Doug Zimmerman at Beacon Management.  James is our Property Manager and handles all normal day-to-day running of the condominium.  Doug is the client services representative:

jbailey@beaconmanagementservices.com  / dzimmerman@beaconmanagementservices.com

404-907-2112 ext. 6004 / 404-907-2112 option 1

Your Board of Directors is not normally involved in the day-to-day running of the Condominium.  While we will help if we can, your primary contact should be Jan.

The Top Eight Most Common New Resident Issues are listed below, along with information to help solve these issues:

1. Renovations of your loft--DO NOT begin renovations inside your loft without going to the 'Documents' section of this website, Homeowner Forms and Info link, and printing out and reading the 'Interior Modifications Approval Form--ACC.'  Nearly all renovations will require approval by a special committee to make sure that whatever you want to do will not impact building infrastructure.

2. Mailboxes--It is your responsibility to replace your lock.  The Post Office no longer does this.  The small post box locks are available at Home Depot for around $10.  You may have to drill out the old lock.  Check the 'Documents' section, Homeowner Forms and Info link, for a grid showing which mailbox belongs to which unit.  PLEASE CHECK THE GRID AND MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DRILL OUT SOMEONE ELSE'S MAILBOX.  Alternatively, you may try leaving a sticky-note on the outside of that box asking the mailman to leave that box open.

3. Building access--John will sell you one or more access fobs.  They cost $20.  For security reasons, we do not set up access codes for the front electronic call box.

4. Front Call Box--We can program your name and a phone number into the call box so that you can 'buzz' visitors in by pressing '9' on your phone (works with land or cell phones).  Email dzimmerman@beaconmanagementservices. with your name and phone number.

5. Fitness room access--Swipe card access.

6. Access codes for the back gate and door--Contact the Property Manager or Client Services.

7. Parking--Most units, including two-bedroom units, only have one assigned parking space.  You can find out which space(s) are assigned to your unit on this website, under the 'Documents/Parking Space Information' link.  There is no guest parking in the back lot or in the garage; however if a guest uses your space, they will need to hang a 'guest' pass from the rear view mirror.  Obtain stickers and guest passes from Fergus.

8. Pest Control--Out pest control vendor provides free pest control within individual units.  For more information or to be scheduled for service, contact the Property Manager.

9. Remotes for garage and gate.  The Association is not responsible for providing or selling any remotes.  Those wanting garage remotes must obtain them from a local garage door vendor such as Overhead Door Company, or online.  The correct remote for the garage door is the Lift-Master Model 971LM.  They do not come programmed to operate our garage door.  There are also remotes that operate the gate, for those who don't want to use the code.  Contact the Property Manager for more information about these remotes.


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