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For all your New Resident needs, contact James Bailey or Doug Zimmerman at Beacon Management.  James is our Property Manager and handles all normal day-to-day running of the condominium.  Doug is the client services representative:

kfinnegan@beaconmanagementservices.com   / dzimmerman@beaconmanagementservices.com

404-907-2112 ext. 6004 / 404-907-2112 option 1

Your Board of Directors is not normally involved in the day-to-day running of the Condominium.  Your first point of contact should always be Beacon Management.

The most frequently asked questions are:

Where do I pay my dues?
Online through Union Bank

Governing documents
This condominium like all condominiums have a set of rules that were established when the association was incorporated.  These documents are in place to guide the board in operating the building.  

Renovations of your loft
DO NOT begin renovations inside your loft without going to the 'Documents' section of this website, Homeowner Forms and Info link, and printing out and reading the 'Interior Modifications Approval Form--ACC.'  Nearly all renovations will require approval by the board to make sure that whatever you want to do will not impact building infrastructure.

It is your responsibility to replace your lock. The small post box locks are available at Home Depot for around $10.  You may have to drill out the old lock.  Click here to view the mailbox assignment grid.  Check the 'Documents' section.  MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT DRILL OUT ANOTHER HOMEOWNERS MAILBOX.

Building access
Beacon will sell and program access FOBS.  They cost $20.  For security reasons, we do not set up access codes for the front door.

Front Call Box
Your name and a phone number can be programmed into the call box so that you can 'buzz' visitors in by pressing '9' on your phone (works with land or most cell phones/carriers).  Email cgresham@beaconmanagementservices. with your name, phone number and unit number.

Back Gate FOBS
Please contact Beacon to purchase your gate FOB.

Garage Remotes

The Association does not sell garage remotes. You can obtain them from a local garage door vendor such as Overhead Door Company or online. The correct remote for the garage door is the Lift-Master Model 971LM. They are not programmed for our garage door. Contact the Beacon Management for more information about garage remotes.

Fitness room access

Swipe card access - please put equipment away when you are done with your workout.


Most units only have one assigned parking space.  You can locate your parking space by clicking here.  Guest parking is available on the street.  Alternatively you can move your car to the street so your guest may park in your space.  Parking in a non-authorized space can lead to towing.

Pest Control
Out pest control vendor provides free pest control within individual units.  For more information or to be scheduled for service, contact the Property Manager.

Water & Sewer
Water and sewer is NOT included with your HOA dues.  It is metered and billed through a third party.  You must set up your own account.  Click here to setup your and/or manage your account. 


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